Suicide of COVID Warrior Dr. Nagendra – Karnataka Doctors Threaten Strike

Karnataka COVID Warrior’s Suicide: Rs 50 Lakh Ex-Gratia For Family, Inquiry Ordered. “Dr S R Nagendra has said he was committing suicide as he was frustrated due to the harassment by his superiors. I will order a detailed inquiry into the matter to find out the truth behind the incident,” the Chief Minister told reporters.Continue reading “Suicide of COVID Warrior Dr. Nagendra – Karnataka Doctors Threaten Strike”

12 Step Psychological First Aid

Observation and AwarenessYou first note that there may be a need for psychological first aid due to outward appearances-what you see or hear someone saying-or because you have heard about their stressful circumstances. Make a ConnectionThis will differ based on your particular relationship to the person. For example, if the person does not know you,Continue reading “12 Step Psychological First Aid”

Crisis Intervention – A Primer

Crisis is a state of emotional turmoil or an acute emotional reaction to a powerful stimulus or demand, trauma expert Jeffrey Mitchell explains. There are three characteristics of crisis:The usual balance between thinking and emotions is disturbed.The usual coping mechanisms fail.Evidence of impairment in an individual or group.Crises may occur when individuals face actual or threatened death,Continue reading “Crisis Intervention – A Primer”

“What explains the uncleanliness of India? – Anant Teltumbde

The answer lies in Indian culture which is nothing but caste culture. This culture externalises the responsibility of maintaining cleanliness to a particular caste. It stigmatises work as unclean and workers as untouchables. While the world over people have imbibed a “civic sense” and primarily bear the responsibility to maintain cleanliness, only secondarily relying uponContinue reading ““What explains the uncleanliness of India? – Anant Teltumbde”

Media Guidelines on Suicide Reporting – India

The recent suicide of popular actor Sushant Singh Rajput has brought to light how ill informed the press is regarding sensible reporting of suicide and how efforts have to be made to spread suicide awareness and prevent copycat suicides. WHO Guideline on Suicide Reporting Emphasises on the following points: Quick reference for media professionals •Continue reading “Media Guidelines on Suicide Reporting – India”

Karnataka CET Delayed after High Court Intervenes

Amidst rising cases in Karnataka, the court has asked for explanation by July 29th. The exams were initially scheduled for July 30th and 31st. Citing the daily increase of about 5000 COVID cases and enforcement of lockdown and other movement restrictions, the feasibility of conducting exams has been seriously questioned. Group fo students and NSUIContinue reading “Karnataka CET Delayed after High Court Intervenes”

AIIMS : Interview for Admissions ?

Interviews have served as tools to enforce discrimination. The recent issue of an AIIMS Student being awarded 1/20 Marks in interview raises questions about the procedure. PGIMER, Chandigarh, JIPMER, Pondicherry have done away with interview. NIMHANS has partially removed it. NEET ensures direct admission based on merit. Now why should AIIMS, continue to have interviewsContinue reading “AIIMS : Interview for Admissions ?”

Porn Addiction may lead to Erectile Dysfunction

A multi-national study concluded that, In addition to other factors, Erectile dysfunction can also be an indication that a patient has an addiction to pornography, said Tim Jacobs, MD, from the University of Antwerp in Belgium, during his presentation. Jacobs and his colleagues looked at the association between erectile dysfunction and porn in a 5-monthContinue reading “Porn Addiction may lead to Erectile Dysfunction”

Vishaka Guidelines – Sexual Harassment at Workplace – India

Vishaka Guidelines against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Guidelines and norms laid down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Vishaka and Others Vs. State of Rajasthan and Others(JT 1997 (7) SC 384) HAVING REGARD to the definition of ‘human rights’ in Section 2 (d) of theProtection of Human Rights Act, 1993, TAKING NOTE of the factContinue reading “Vishaka Guidelines – Sexual Harassment at Workplace – India”

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