“What explains the uncleanliness of India? – Anant Teltumbde

The answer lies in Indian culture which is nothing but caste culture. This culture externalises the responsibility of maintaining cleanliness to a particular caste. It stigmatises work as unclean and workers as untouchables. While the world over people have imbibed a “civic sense” and primarily bear the responsibility to maintain cleanliness, only secondarily relying upon sanitary workers, in India, people derive a sense of (upper-caste) superiority in littering the place, expecting it to be cleaned by the lower-caste scavenger. If a small community of these scavengers, treated worse than shit and exploited to the hilt, is vested with the responsibility of clearing the filth generated by 1,250 million people with impunity, the country is destined to remain unclean. Swachh Bharat is not possible without annihilation of caste.”

-Anand Teltumbde.

Published by srinivasaiims

In pursuit of improving access to health. Mental Health Professional.

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